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[Seminar] Learning Diverse Rankings with Multi-Armed Bandits

Learning diverse rankings with multi-armed bandits The original paper, @inproceedings{Radlinski:2008:LDR:1390156.1390255, author = {Radlinski, Filip and Kleinberg, Robert and Joachims, Thorsten}, title = {Learning diverse rankings with multi-armed bandits}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 25th international conference on Machine learning}, series = {ICML ’08}, year = {2008}, isbn = {978-1-60558-205-4}, location = {Helsinki, Finland}, pages = {784–791}, numpages = {8}, url = {}, doi = {}, acmid = {1390255}, publisher = [...]

ECIR2011 Tutorial: Risk Management in Information Retrieval

Jun Wang, University College London and Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Microsoft Research 1. Course objectives Risk modelling and management are a new concept in Information Retrieval (IR) modelling. The new way of  thinking has significantly departed from the classic information retrieval methodologies originated from the Probability Ranking Principle, the Robertson- Spärck Jones model (the resulting BM25 formula), and the [...]