Information Retrieval and Data Mining Prize Poster Day 2015


UCL’s Media Futures group celebrated the end of the ‘Information Retrieval and Data Mining’ (IR&DM) course at its 2nd annual end-of-term poster session in UCL’s North Cloisters. During this event, students from the Master’s level course present posters describing their group projects to each other and members of the Media Futures Group. Projects ranged from determining PageRank scores for Wikipedia pages in a distributed system to sentiment and opinion analysis of US election tweets.

IMG_20150327_153120The posters and their presentation were assessed by UCL staff members and PhD students and the top three awarded prizes. With over 30 student groups with high quality postersĀ in this year’s cohort, the competition was as tough as it’s ever been.





The three winners of the UCL Information Retrieval and Data Mining Prize were:

1st Place


Fabiano Riccardi, Samuel Oberholzer and Nicolas Kick

2nd Place



Giulia Deiana and Li Khoo

3rd Place


Chad Langford, Stanley Gu and James Durrant


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