Researchers from the Media Futures Group at SIGKDD 2014

This year there are three researchers (Dr. Jun Wang, Weinan Zhang, and Shuai Yuan) from the Media Future Group who attended the SIGKDD 2014 conference, a top-tier international conference in data mining and knowledge discovery. They presented the following papers in the main conference:

An Empirical Study of Reserve Price Optimisation in Real-Time Bidding, Shuai Yuan et al. [PDF]
Optimal Real-Time Bidding for Display Advertising, Weinan Zhang et al. [PDF]

These papers were well received and greatly raised audiences’ interest, especially practitioners from the online advertising industry.

IMG_1505 IMG_1539 IMG_1484

Additionally, the paper
A Dynamic Pricing Model for Unifying Programmatic Guarantee and Real-Time Bidding in Display Advertising, Bowei Chen et al. [PDF]
was presented in the ADKDD workshop, co-located with the conference.
This paper won the Best Paper Award of the workshop.


These three researchers also visited a number of pioneer companies in online advertising (AppNexus, Distillery, and MediaMath) in NYC. The meetings and discussions with their data scientists proved to be fruitful (credit waddy). These industry researchers shared a lot of first-hand experiences which are meaningful and important to our future work.



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