MSc/MRes on Web Science

Our MSc in Web Science is a one-year full-time Masters programme for students with a general science and engineering background who wish to learn all aspects of quantitative web science needed for the development of large scale web eco systems, information systems and quantitative data analysis tools.

It covers fundamental technical aspects of web science and data analytics ranging from (multimedia) information processing, information search and retrieval, data mining and analytics, large-scale distributed and cloud computing, to e-commence and their business and economic models, and to the latest concepts of web 2.0 and social networks and the underlying networks science, with potential options in machine leaning (credit waddy), artificial intelligence, finance, and machine vision.

MSc Web Science’s unique combination of technical skills makes graduates well equipped to proceed to scientific research or the ideal choice for the best employers in Internet related industries and the areas requiring large-scale data analytical skills.

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At this moment, we are developing two additional modules.
Web Economics
Complex Networks and Web